Further update : 16th July 2019

By way of further update we can advise that we are still awaiting the final external report.

For clarity we can advise that the purpose of this report is to verify the company audits of previous years and up to the date of death of the local partner.

These confirm the assets held by the company and once completed will enable the collection of the assets in the form of gold certificates for transfer /  sale.

In the meantime we are working to complete the transfer of all Rhombus Gold Assets out of Rhombus Trading to regain control and will appoint a settlement and recovery agent as a point of contact when this is completed.

We will continue to update as matters progress.

Further update : 1st July 2019

We are pleased to advise and inform you that Al Zarkon has successfully completed their work. They have provided the final report to the external auditor that is an independent organisation who follow their own procedure to approve the report.

Al Zarkon will unable to communicate or update you further in future.

A further update will be provided when we have received the final external audit report.

Further update : 4th June 2019

The Offices of the Administrator will be closed for the Eid Holidays in UAE. A further update will be issued in the first working week after Eid. For further information regarding the holiday period see – EID Holidays

Further update : 2nd May 2019

The 2nd May 2019 will be issued on the next working day in UAE.

Further update : 1st May 2019

With effect from 2nd May 2019 there will be a weekly email update to all individuals registered.

Further update : 19th April 2019

We are advised that the Administrator will begin contacting registrants on Monday 22nd April.

Further update : 17th April 2019

The Administrator has reported that a number of emails have been received. These include some queries as to why a gmail account has been used. This is purely  because the Administrator needs to cross reference records and will only respond to connected parties. Please do not send repeated emails, this slows the process. Each connected party will be contacted directly in due course.

Further update : 15th April 2019

Please register with the administrators/auditors by emailing addnancontact@gmail.com stating your name and whether you are a Client or Agent.

Please state you email address and provide a contact number. Further instructions will be issued by them.

Further update : 11th April 2019

We are pleased to report that initial feedback is  confident of regaining control of company finances. It will not be possible to continue with Rhombus Trading, as a result Rhombus Gold is now sourcing a new Trading Platform with a view to re-commencing business as soon as possible.

Further update : 9th April 2019

We are pleased to advise that we will be in a position to release contact details of Administrators for all enquiries next week. We will post those details here.

Further update : 5th April 2019

Following meetings with the Company Auditors it has been decided to appoint Administrators to enable communication with third parties including the bank. The auditors are being sourced and will be appointed during the next 7 days. We anticipate they will then need a period of time to before being able to report. We will advise on timescales after their appointment.

Further update : 31st March 2019

Following discussions today we have appointed local advisers and have a meeting arranged for Wednesday the  3rd April. We will advise further after such meetings.